TENS Units

Wireless TENS Units For Back Pain: Future Is Already Here

More and more people have back pain. It is a modern condition that doesn’t have a proper cure because it is caused by improper lifestyle. Back pain occurs in people who sit for longer periods of time, usually due to job profession. Gamers also suffer from back pain. In both cases, we are talking about lower back pain. However, some individuals suffer from back pain in the upper part of the body. Treating this kind of pain is complicated and time-consuming. At least it was before the introduction of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) units.

The latest models are wireless, and we are extremely satisfied with them. They consist of control unit and pads, place on the problematic parts of the body. Usually, they are connected with wires, which make the units more complicated to use, especially to place in position. Wireless models don’t have wires between the control unit and pads, obviously.

What chiropractors say about TENS units

Nowadays, most chiropractors will recommend you to use accurelief TENS unit thanks to the fact it is FDA approved and it is well-known for effective results. We will have to mention that they are safe to use and there are no related to health complications.

Although these units are highly recommended, it is also important to use them properly. Usually, you can choose between the programs that involve different durations and different frequencies. This aspect cannot be generalized, but in most cases, a program allows you to use a unit for 30 minutes (program 1) or for much longer.

In a case with P1, you can expect a unit to run up to at 100 Hz for 15 minutes, and then to reduce the intensity to 15 Hz for 5 minutes. It is possible to repeat the process as soon as possible, but most chiropractors claim that you should wait for 30 minutes.

Program 2 is much longer. It can last up to 8 hours and it will run for 20 minutes (80 Hz) then 20 minutes (8 Hz) and it will be paused for 40 minutes. The cycle will be repeated for the rest of the program.

Adjusting the programs is also a useful feature that makes these units far more successful than conventional methods. By using this, a person can adapt a device for the specific type of the skin and muscles. It speeds up the first results and makes the entire process more productive.

Correct pads positioning

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Gel pads are the latest innovation in the world of TENS machines. They are easy to place on the desired spot and they are easy to remove. A far important thing to consider is where to place them. It is recommended to read the placement guide before using them.

Most pads and therefor units can be used for the entire back pain, neck, and shoulders, but there are also those designed for a specific purpose. In a case of massaging neck, it is crucial to use a lower intensity and to run it for a shorter period of time, because it will give the best results and also eliminate the potential risk. For usages on other parts of a body, there are no limitations.

Why wireless TENS unit is the best choice

Wireless units are portable, small and easy to carry. You will even get a carrying bag with them. It is possible to use them anywhere you want because they also use AAA batteries. In a matter of fact, pads can be placed at any given moment, and the controller will be within your reach, in your pocket for example.

You never know when the back pain will begin. Chances are high it will occur while traveling or while being on vacation, so it is mandatory to be prepared. That’s why wireless TENS units are superb for eliminating back pain no matter where you are.

How long a unit can work on a single charge, or with one set of batteries is crucial as well. However, carrying extra batteries is a well-known solution.

The final thought

When it comes to treating back pain, TENS units are the latest alternative. They are not invasive, nor complicated to use. On the other hand, we have a high success rate and almost all people who ever used them claim that the pain will be completely gone. There is no need to visit a doctor nor to go to a clinic, due to the fact this treatment can be used no matter where you are at the moment.