TENS Units

What Can TENS Therapy Do for You

No one likes to be suffering from the normal aches and pains of everyday life. Those pains are much worse when you have to endure these kinds of pains for a prolonged period of time. The sad fact is that many have to endure these pains without finding any kind of real relief. They go to the doctor and get medication, but those can be addicting and your body can build up a tolerance to that after a while which will mean that you will not be getting relief unless you up the dosage greatly, and that can be incredibly dangerous to you.

One way that many have found to relieve themselves of this kind of problem is to turn to an electronic device called a Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machine. This is a battery powered machine that comes with special electrode pads that you attach to the affected area that is causing you pain. These electrodes then send an electrical impulse on a pattern that you determine which will then relief the pain impulses that are sent to your brain and help to loosen sore and contracting muscles so that you can feel a whole lot better. In fact, these TENS machines can completely eliminate the pain you have been suffering.

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Do These Machines Really Provide that Kind of Relief?

This is a question that many have, primarily because there are so many things out there that claim that they can help a person relieve the pain they are feeling, however, many are nothing more than the old snake oil treatment. They make many promises, but don’t really deliver anything at all.

The TENS therapy is an entirely different story. This is a device that is proving to have real results and this is why physical therapists and doctors have been using this with their patients for years. It is a method of relieving pain that will provide positive results without having any harmful side effects.

By providing small electrical impulses to muscles and nerves, it is able to reduce the pain, stop muscle spasm and contractions, and relieve soreness in a way that you would not believe. Best yet, it works with your body to accomplish this goal, meaning that your body is benefitting in many ways from the way that this treats the affected areas.

What Can This Do for Me

Why so many are turning to this kind of treatment is because it works in so many different areas of your body. This does not have to be about simply relieving soreness and aches from working out or from when you are overdoing it at work or in the yard. This actually helps with those who have had prolonged pain and can do wonders in changing areas that have caused you problems for years.

Those who have suffered from such things as tennis elbow and bursitis are finding that this is doing incredible things to stop the area from becoming inflamed and making the pain reduce if not eliminated all together. Even those who are suffering from such things as arthritis have gained amazing relief in their back, arms, knees, and hands. It is truly astounding how the TENS device can work for you.

The benefits do not stop there, however. The TENS therapy also increases blood flow to the region which benefits you in a number of ways. It starts with the fact that when there is an area that is hurting your body can do wondrous things to handle the problem on its own. Sadly, the inflammation can lead to blood not being able to reach the area and the healing cannot truly occur.

This is where the TENS can really make a difference. It will not only help with muscle soreness and reduce nerve impulses, but will also increase blood flow to the area. This allows for the device and your body to work together to help the healing process occur. You will be amazed at how quickly the area feels better and how you will be feeling like a brand new person in no time at all.

The use of TENS therapy can make a huge difference for you and you will be amazed at how quickly you can gain relief using this treatment. Some report seeing significant results within 24-hours and you can have this kind of relief as well. The best part of this is that you can buy one of these devices and do the treatment yourself, so you don’t have to worry about when someone can squeeze you in.