TENS Units

Using the TENS Machine to Aid in Childbirth

Ah, Childbirth. One of the most amazing moments in any parent’s life. You know that within any minute your beautiful boy or girl will begin to burst out of the womb and you will be a new mom or dad. It is something that no one can describe until they get to partake in this amazing blessing.

At least, that is how many of us would like to remember it, and most dads probably do have that romantic idea about it. However, a lot of moms remember that unbelievable amount of pain that they are enduring, and with good reason. Actress Carol Burnett once said that if you want to know what childbirth is like, to take your bottom lip and pull it over your head. The truth is that this is not far from the truth, as labour can be one of the most unbelievably painful things a person will ever endure.

For the longest time, women simply had to endure the pain during the birthing process. Later on, drugs were administered to the mothers to help take the edge off the pain and make it more manageable, but many did not like this option because of their concerns of what it might do to the baby. This left many expectant mothers looking for a different answer and it actually came in the labour TENS machine.

Electric Shocks During Childbirth? Really?

For those who are not familiar with the TENS machine, TENS stands for Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, and this device sends an electric pulse to the area that is painful. For the longest time, this device was solely used for those who were suffering pain from some kind of injury or soreness. Physical therapists, chiropractors, and doctors used it to get the nerves to relax and to stop sending messages to the brain that the area was in pain. This allowed muscles to relax and blood flow increased, helping to bring about healing.

That does not sound like something that would be needed during childbirth, but the truth is that this device was found to be quite beneficial not only during the delivery, but actually during the pregnancy itself and even afterward. The reasons are quite simple.

Let’s start with the most obvious. During pregnancy, many doctors are understandably hesitant to give an expectant mother any kind of pain medication because of how it can affect the baby. However, many mothers are still in pain and need relief, so they are forced to take medications that have mild results or to simply suffer. Neither of these sounds like a great option.

The TENS machine is the solution. By releasing a small electric impulse to the area that is in pain, enough to relax the muscles and nerves while not causing the baby any concern, the mother is able to gain a great deal of relief from her aches and pains. With a treatment of 10 or 15 minutes she will instantly feel the results start to take effect and the best part of it is that she can do it all herself. Whether she has a sore back, sore knees, or whatever, this will bring relief and make her feel a whole lot better.

After birth, the mother will have a lot of pains for a while, and this device can really help her to feel a whole lot more comfortable. She will be amazed at the way she feels in no time at all, and she is still not taking anything that can have a negative impact on her nursing child.

Of course, where this labour TENS machine really comes into its prime is during the labour period itself. Women are under a great deal of pain as contractions begin and that pain only gets greater as the contractions get closer. The greater the pain gets, the longer it can make the labour because the body tenses up so much more.

The TENS machine, applied to the areas where pain is occurring help the mother to relax and feel better. As she relaxes, the labour can go much quicker and be over faster. The best part is that these devices can be applied to an area, like the back, and left running for hours at a dose that helps the mother relax and she will not suffer any ill effects from it at all.

Childbirth is a great time but it is one that can be quite painful. These labour TENS machines can make a big difference and let the mothers have more romantic feelings about the labour.