How To Relieve Your Back Pain With Best Therapy

Back pain can be one of the worst kinds of afflictions that you can have. In fact, many doctors point out that the worst kind of injury you can have is to your back, knees, or feet, because so much of the pressure you put on your body is handled by these three areas. They take the brunt of the force that your body endures every single day.

It does not matter if you are out walking, climbing, or even sitting, you can be sure that your back is enduring a lot of stress. Not only does it keep your body in alignment but there are lots of forces acting against it that makes it so that you can easily endure an injury to your back.

There are so many different kinds of problems that a person can encounter, but the kinds that most often occur are strains, pulls, and dislodging of the discs in your spinal cord. Any one of these can become excruciating to handle because you do so many things normally that require movement within your back. When you are not able to simply bend over and grab something or lean to reach for something then you will find that your life can be unbelievably difficult.

The Solution Is Just a Buzz Away

The option of many is that they go to a chiropractor or doctor to get some help. Massages can be quite helpful, but you may not be able to get a massage or treatment when you need it and they can be quite expensive over time.

Doctors will provide you with muscle relaxers and pain killers which can relieve your suffering, however, many don’t want to take some kind of pain medicine. They worry that this can become habit forming, and don’t see masking the problem as the solution.

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If you go to a physical therapist or chiropractor, one thing they may do for you is to treat you with a TENS machine for back pain. If you are unfamiliar with this device, TENS stands for Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, and is a device where you attach tiny electrodes to your body in the area where you are suffering pain. A small electrical pulse is sent through the electrodes and can do wonders in helping you to feel better.

More health professionals are turning to this device because the truth is that it works. The way that these electrical impulses work with your nervous system and the chemistry in your muscles is truly revolutionary. Plus, the increased blood flow to these areas will astound you. A larger amount of blood flowing to an injured area is always a benefit and you will find that this is true when you use this product as well. The TENS treatment will truly astound you.

You Can Do It Yourself

What makes this solution such a great benefit to you is that you can do the treatment yourself. You can change the settings to not only set how much electrical current you want to transfer but also the rate at which the pulses will occur. This means that you can make the current so that it matches what you are finding are the best possible results.

The placement of the electrode pads is simple. Many of the higher end TENS machines for back pain even have the instructions on the pads for where you should place them or they tell you in very simple instructions where to place them when you have specific kinds of back pain. This ensures that you get the very best possible results and you will see how quickly this can alleviate even the most chronic pain you may be suffering from.

It does not matter if you are battling simple aches and pains from a day of bending over too much or too much lifting or you are suffering from a serious injury, you will find that the TENS machine is the absolute perfect option to alleviate your pain. Simply put the pads as directed and start on a lower setting until you have found the one that will really do the trick for you.

If you follow this kind of treatment for 10-15 minutes a couple of times a day, you will see real results in virtually no time at all. Soon you will be feeling like your old self and those pains and aches will no longer be running your life. It will change you for good and you will love how much younger you will feel.