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TENS units can help relieve and manage short term and chronic pain. Short term pain can be caused by injuries or poor posture, while chronic pain is the result of an accident and usually lasts long enough to become a condition itself. Even though most people use painkillers and other over-the-counter drugs to manage it, TENS therapy has no side effects and can treat arthritis, and back and muscle pain at affordable prices.

The TENS 7000 unit is one of the top selling products because it comes with numerous advantages and has been used by many people; even though this device came out some time ago, its design and durability make it ideal for pain management. Most devices have plastic coverings which are rather fragile, but this unit is more solid.

Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator - Tens Machine for Pain Management, Back Pain and Rehabilitation


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Multiple features for your individual needs

The TENS 7000 unit has 2 channels and each one can be adjusted individually, as can be the pulse amplitude, width and frequency. It is powered by a 9 Volt battery which can last up to 1000 hours. It includes 5 modes, such as burst, normal, modulation and strength duration 1 or 2, and an adjustable timer that can be set from 5 to 60 minutes. Also, this device is digital which means you can adjust the settings displayed on the screen by pushing the buttons. It is similar with the TENS 3000 unit as they both come with good customer reviews and many advantages, but the 7000 unit is more durable. The main advantage of this device is that it has adjustable settings that allow you to find the right type of electrical signal for your muscles. Unlike most types of TENS units available on the market, this one lets you adjust the channel, the mode, as well as the amplitude, frequency and width of the electrical pulse. The unit comes with 2 channels that you can use simultaneously or alternatively, depending on your needs at the time. You will have to use one pair of electrode pads for each channel or two pairs if you are going to use them both, but you will have to set the pulse width, frequency and amplitude for each channel individually.

When using the TENS 7000 unit, you can also set the time you need for one session. Whether you choose short, 5 minute-sessions, or longer ones that last up to an hour, you can set the device on continuous mode or increase the time with an extra 5 minutes. Its small size makes it ideal to be carried in your pocket and used wherever you want to.

However, these units come with some disadvantages as well; the 9 Volt battery is non-rechargeable so you will have to purchase a new battery and replace the used one from time to time, and this can become quite expensive in the long run. Moreover, the buttons and dials can make the device difficult to use, so you will probably need some time before finding the right intensity, mode and speed.