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Target Pains And Aches With The Best Tens 3000 Unit

If you suffer from different types of back and muscle pain, you can reduce the symptoms with the help of TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) units; these devices are based on electrical impulses which are transmitted to your body through two, four or eight electrodes, to help you produce endorphins and relieve the pain. The electrodes are placed directly on your skin, near the affected areas.

Multiple settings for different types of pain

There are many types of TENS units manufactured by different brands, but the most important things to consider are the features they provide, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. The TENS 3000 unit is one of the most popular devices for nerve pain treatment, and comes with an instruction manual, a carrying case, batteries, extra electrode pads and lead wires. This device features 3 modes, 2 channels, and analog controls which render it easy to use, a timer to help you set how long you want each session to last, as well as a safety cap. You can switch between the two channels to use only one and attach 2 electrode pads, or you can use both channels and attach 4 pads. Moreover, most people prefer analog units instead of digital ones, because they are less complex and less likely to break down. Analog units also come with slide adjustments and knobs instead of buttons, and this makes them easier to use. When used properly, the TENS 3000 unit can become a less expensive substitute for more complex and pricy devices.

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TENS units work on different types of pain, from muscle and lower back pain to headaches and arthritis, but make sure to adjust settings according to your needs, as most people will go through various settings before finding the right one. Whether you choose to enjoy the benefits of this device at home or at the office, a session shouldn’t last more than 20 minutes. You can, however, use the TENS unit for several times during the day. They have no side effects, are affordable, durable and can be considered a good alternative to other methods.

 Easy to use, compact and durable device

Another main advantage of the TENS 3000 unit is that it can be used by anyone; athletes, medical professionals, massage therapists and average people, they can all benefit from the numerous advantages of this device and alleviate short term as well as chronic pain whenever they need to. With this unit, you get to adjust the type of electrical current signal you need; for example, you can adjust the pulse amplitude, frequency and width. You also get to choose the type of electrical pulse (burst, modulation or constant). Moreover, its compact design makes it ideal to be used at home or at the office, without anyone noticing that you are using it. The TENS 3000 unit is made from plastic which is less durable and some people may consider this type of casing a disadvantage. However, the price of the device is very affordable so most people choose to buy it anyway.