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Roscoe Medical represents one of the market’s leaders in terms of medical and pain management technologies for over two decades. The company provides a wide series of medical devices aiming to relief pain. Moreover, these devices are also used to enhance the body’s muscles, relief from tensions, promote a healthier weight loss method and even help bodybuilders to acquire the perfect mass and bodies to depict. The benefits of electric muscle stimulators have been known for a while now and represent the best alternative for people who suffer from minor muscle pains or want to display their beautiful and perfectly toned bodies without spending countless hours at the gym and sweating every second.
The main advantage of these electric muscle stimulators is that they can provide a wide series of benefits in the comfort of your own home. Forget about spending hundreds of dollars on monthly gym subscriptions and working out equipment, as well as about the countless visits to chiropractors. These devices are usually small and discreet enough to be operated inside your own home and using only one hand. The most sophisticated ones help you choose from various intensities and pre-established programs, depending on your requirements. Not to mention they are extremely affordable – anywhere between $40 and $70 – and will last you a long time from now on.

PreviewNameRatingPriceMore Details
Roscoe Medical DT6070 TENS 70004.5 / 5$Click Here!
Roscoe Medical WB7875-AMZN Bifurcation Lead Cable3.0 / 5$Click Here!
Roscoe Medical WW5150-AMZN Replacement Lead Wires4.5 / 5$Click Here!

However, as durable as they may seem, these TENS and EMS devices were not designed to last you a lifetime. Even so, you can increase the life expectation of your medical devices by purchasing alternative lead cables and wires.

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Roscoe Medical WW5150-AMZN Replacement Lead Wires

Roscoe Medical DT6070 TENS 7000

Roscoe Medical is a reputed company in the field which certainly sells high-end medical equipment and accessories. If you are looking for new replacement wires to your EMS device, these ones with alligator clips for TENS and EMS units are certainly what you are looking for. The main advantage of these particular Roscoe Medical replacement lead wires is that they are compatible with numerous TENS and EMS devices, regardless of the brand, which makes them highly usable whenever and wherever. The product features an alligator clip lead wire with perfect pigtail connection. In addition, the replacement lead wires can be attached to non-adhesive electrodes and sponges.
Purchase the product now and you will receive in the same bag a quantity of five pairs of Roscoe Medical lead wires that will certainly help your EMS unit work again. Thus, for five different pairs of Roscoe Medical lead wires you will pay around $30 on Amazon. The main drawback is that you will have to wait up to two months before the product is shipped and even more if you are thinking of ordering outside the United States.

Roscoe Medical WB7875-AMZN Bifurcation Lead Cable for TENS/EMS Units

Roscoe Medical WB7875-AMZN Bifurcation Lead Cable

Another item manufactured and sold by Roscoe Medical comes in the shape of these bifurcation lead cables. Purchase them on Amazon for around $27 and, unlike the previous ones, these lead cables can be ordered and shipped right away. Suitable with a wide range of Roscoe Medical TENS and EMS devices, these lead wires come with a twist. They are split at the end, meaning you can use them by connecting them to four or 8 different electrodes. In other words, these lead cables for TENS and EMS units are specifically designed for the more recent typologies of Roscoe Medical EMS devices that can be used to treat two different areas of your body in the same time. This also means applying custom treatments and different range of pulsation depending on the affected muscles.
These bifurcation lead cables can be connected to up to eight electrodes and, thus, provide a more efficient treatment to numerous parts of the body. Order the product now and you will receive five packs of lead wires, each with four wires.

Roscoe Medical DT6070 TENS 7000 To Go Back Pain Relief System

Roscoe Medical WW5150-AMZN Replacement Lead Wires

The good thing about Roscoe Medical devices is that, apart from the devices themselves and the accessories sold separately, customers also have the opportunity of buying whole packages which are much more convenient in terms of price. For as little as $38 on Amazon, clients can purchase an entire Roscoe Medical kit, including a TENSE 7000 device, the conductive electrode support belt for those into body building and muscle fitness, a conductive spray, a 9-volt battery, as well as a snap-on lead wire. Moreover, the package comes with a complete user manual for detailed and easy to follow directions and instructions, especially for those who want to get rid of annoying muscle aches.
The TENSE 7000 device, as well as with all its adjacent accessories are FDA approved, meaning you can purchase the product over the counter from local supermarkets and specialized medical unit stores without requiring a previous prescription. The device is easily carried thanks to the support belt that helps targeting and treating pains, aches and sore muscles. Depending on your personal wishes and visions regarding a perfect body, you can choose from five different pre-set therapy modes as well as from different pain level intensities. Some other great points of the package are a user-friendly set control to navigate through all your device’s functions and all the accessories required to make your experience pleasant, affordable and efficient.


Roscoe Medical is definitely a force in the field of EMS, TENS and medical devices and accessories. High-quality lead cables ensure the good functioning of your Roscoe Medical product and might help you with plenty of things related to your muscle condition. From pain aches to bodybuilding, sore muscles and simple muscle inflammation, the Roscoe Medical devices and accessories are here to improve your life and help you acquire the body you always looked for. But, although lead wires can also be sold separately, we suggest you opt for complete packages that also include the TENS/ EMS device itself, as well as a series of accessories, including belts and user manuals.