Quick Pain Relief With Empi Tens Units

 Many people suffer from chronic pain and if you are one of them, you definitely know how it can affect the quality of your life and can even prevent you from performing daily tasks. Empi TENS units use electric currents to alleviate numerous types of pain, and their affordable prices turn them into a great choice for most people. You may have already tried over-the-counter painkillers and analgesics, but even though they work for a while they will eventually affect your whole body. Moreover, some drugs can’t always alleviate pain and that is when most people turn to electrotherapy to benefit from quick and durable results.

Empi units are versatile devices which can function in three different ways: you can use them as Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) or as high voltage units. They are handheld devices that operate on rechargeable AA batteries and this makes them ideal for both clinical and home use.

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Affordable and easy to use devices

The main reason why Empi TENS units are so popular is that they can be used in the comfort of your home without having to visit a doctor each and every time you experience chronic pain; these reliable electrotherapy devices can make your life more enjoyable and pain free, so the main advantage of using them is that you will be able to perform your usual activities, daily tasks and go to work. There are many types of TENS units, but most of them are complex and difficult to use and that is why many people choose to try simpler products.

Empi TENS units have a simple design which makes them easy to use by anyone without having to worry about complicated instructions and settings that make you waste precious time rather than ridding you of pain. They also provide the relief that you need in just a matter of minutes, due to their easy to operate controls, small size and simple design. So, whenever you need quick pain relief, simply activate the device with one touch and benefit from the pre-programmed settings that provide optimal results. Empi TENS units also have numerous features and functions that create a simple to use, yet very efficient electrotherapy device. These units come with additional accessories such as electrodes and wires, depending on the type of electrical stimulation needed.

Even if an Empi TENS unit has many advantages, there are certain areas where you shouldn’t use them, and these include your face and eyes. Certain medical conditions can also make this device unsuitable for you, but your healthcare provider is the one who can recommend the best treatment for you.

1. Empi Select Pain Management System

Empi Select Pain Management System

This pain management system is powered by two AA batteries and comes with both a user manual and a CD that has all you have to know about such a tool. It also comes with a sealed pack that contains the pads you put on your back and the cords. The unit has a belt clip on its back, allowing it to be fixed and avoid falling off. Used as a Tens machine, this unit allows you to use it all day when is necessary and it has a 60 minutes timer. This pain management system is perfect for when you have a bad day, stick on the electrodes and feel the stimulation and massage that will block the pain away no matter if you are an athlete that trains hard, a senior with arthritis or you simply have sore muscles. When used for pain management on the lower back you can apply it yourself, or, if the pain reduces your flexibility, you can have someone else applying it for you. The best thing about EMPI pain management system is that you can have such a unit at home, whenever you need it, and not only when you might have to go to physical therapy. The unit has a variety of setting to choose from so you can find it relaxing while easing your pain. Portable and flexible, now it’s easier than ever to enjoy your day without worrying you can be dragged back by pain.

2. Select TENS™ Pain Management System

Select TENS™ Pain Management System

Adjustable and with an current output of 0-60 milliamps, this pain management system is designed to relieve chronic, post-surgical and arthritic pain, portable and flexible, it offers you the chance to enjoy your day without the pain stopping you from doing your daily activities. The unit comes with batteries, wires, pads and directions to use, all secured in a box. It is powered by two AA batteries that last long enough for you even start asking when they have to be replaced even if you let it on overnight for several times. Its pulse rate is 2-150 pulses per second and the pulse duration is 0-400 microseconds, at 50% peak amplitude, you can read it easy and clear on the display. It displays number of sessions, total hours of use, average intensity for Channel 1 and Channel 2, and average session length. Not only it has a helpful timer, but it can be used on different body areas for your ultimate comfort during day or night. Its 4 electrodes can be focused to reduce pain and soreness in different body segments, placing them for a certain amount of time, as your doctor recommends. The system is very easy to operate, even a kid can do it, but there are directions for anything unclear you may find with its settings. Even if you don’t get a prescription, this unit worth the investment by the favor you’re doing for yourself to get rid of pain.

3. Empi Select 1.5 Tens Kit

Empi Select 1.5 Tens Kit

If you have any aches, pains ore soreness, this is the device to look for. While is a small device with a clip on its back so you can attach it to your belt, it is portable and flexible enough to allow you enjoy a normal day without being bothered by pain. Your daily activities won’t meet any struggle due to this pain management system. It requires two AA batteries that are not included. The unit provides electrical impulses that travel through the skin and act like a stimulator to the nerves that originate from your spine, giving relief of pain. It is easy to read due to its clear display and you can use it overnight too, the batteries are long lasting. The unit comes with two care premium electrodes, two sealed self- adhering electrodes pouch bag, eight tens clean cote skin wipe and directions to use, in both user manual and DVD. This pain management system can help you control the pain, by allowing you to accomplish daily tasks that now seem hard, like vacuuming a large room, washing your car, gardening or any other activity: choose to be a friend of your body and be productive without any pain interrupting.

Innovative approach to pain control

The way in which these units work is also simple; when you turn on the device, it releases low level electrical charges which make your muscles contract and relax, thus providing immediate pain relief in the treated areas. All settings can be programmed and customized according to the needs of each individual. Moreover, Empi TENS units also have a program lock that prevents you from accidentally changing the settings.

In order to better understand how the device works and to get the best results, you should know that pain is the way in which your body is telling you to limit your physical activity because something went wrong. Finding a solution is essential, especially if your chronic pain prevents you from going to work or from enjoying an active lifestyle. Apart from pharmaceutical and surgical procedures that may be recommended depending on your diagnosis, you can also try the innovative approach of Empi TENS units and benefit from clinically proven treatments which are drug-free, non invasive and have no side effects. If a certain type of treatment that helps control pain already works for you, electrotherapy can be prescribed along with it, but in most cases it can successfully replace other treatments.

Decrease targeted pain with no side effects

Whether you suffer from chronic or short term pain (post-surgical), these devices bring many benefits such as decreasing and even eliminating the pain altogether, accelerating recovery, reducing the need for painkillers and improving your mobility and overall lifestyle. Over-the-counter and prescription drugs come with a series of side effect that can affect your entire body, but electrotherapy sessions can help you reduce or even eliminate medication intake. Because they are portable, you can use these devices to treat yourself when you need it the most, no matter if you are at home, at the office or on the go; some people experience more acute pain at night, but Empi TENS units can also be used while you sleep.

Another main advantage of using Empi TENS units is that they provide targeted relief. Mild electrical pulses are delivered throughout your body with the help of strategically placed electrode pads to stimulate your nervous system and block the perception of pain; moreover, your body will produce endorphins which act as a natural pain killer and prevent pain signals from traveling to other nerves. The electrode pads are placed on the affected areas for better pain management of your neck, shoulders, back, knees, wrists and joints, so that you can control your pain and get back to your daily activities sooner. When used properly, electrotherapy devices have no risks and no side effects. Moreover, you can comfortably wear such a device underneath your clothes and still continue your daily activities, but make sure to choose a compact and lightweight unit.

Most of the times, your physician can prescribe you the use of an Empi device. Empi TENS units are easy to prescribe, but you will need to request an evaluation for the use of such a device. Most insurance companies cover these units for home use if your physician has taken notice that you suffer from chronic or acute pain. The process is rather easy but involves some paperwork, so it is recommended to ask your healthcare professional to help you navigate through the process and decide the best treatment plan for you.