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For more than half a century, TENS units and EMS devices have been known as an alternative to moderate muscle intensity treatment and recovery. TENS units were used to treat former USSR soldiers after long-term missions when they were injured. But, although in paper TENS and EMS devices only deploy positive aspects, the truth is always halfway. On paper, EMS and TENS medical equipments can help enhance musculature’s stability and durability, heal or diminish pains, aches and sore muscles, as well as promoting a healthy weight loss program and one suitable for bodybuilders. In reality, studies are yet to be conducted about the real effects of submitting your muscles to vibrations and pulsations, especially on the long term.
Nevertheless, if used accordingly and only as an alternative medical device aiming to ail in treating minor muscle injuries and discomfort, TENS units cannot cause damages or negative side effects. This is probably why they have become so popular lately among all groups of age and races.

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Core Products - Hollywog WiTouch Wireless TENS Unit4.0 / 5$$Click Here!
AccuRelief Wireless TENS Electrotherapy Pain Relief System3.8 / 5$Click Here!
Drive Medical Painaway Wireless TENS Unit3.5 / 5$$Click Here!

And, since technology is especially advanced in terms of medical devices, regular TENS unites were replaced with much more durable and user-friendly devices. The wireless technology is now available on numerous TENS units, and here are some of the most reputed in the field:

Our Picks

Drive Medical Painaway Wireless TENS unit, RTLAGF-900

Core Products - Hollywog WiTouch Wireless TENS Unit

Approved by the Food and Drugs Administration in the United States as an alternative medical unit, this TENS device can be safely used as an over the counter product, meaning you do not require a medical prescription to purchase it. The wireless design enhances the device’s strength and liability. The sleek and slender remote with a LCD screen can control up to three different wireless receivers and, thus, offer a more targeted pain relief on a wide series of muscle groups. Moreover, the remote and receivers are fully rechargeable, meaning you will not be spending additional money on buying batteries which may end up breaking in the middle of a treatment. The electrode pads were specifically designed for a long-term use of up to 30 times. And, when the electrodes end, they can always be refilled on an additional purchase. The product markets itself as one dedicated to Americans who suffer from chronic muscle pains. The PainAways’ main benefit is its sleek wireless design which makes it suitable for almost all body areas, increasing its efficiency. At a weight of only 8 ounces, purchase this amazing product from Amazon for $60.

AccuRelief Wireless TENS Electrotherapy Pain Relief System

AccuRelief Wireless TENS Electrotherapy Pain Relief System

With a modern, ergonomic and funny design, this device from AccuRelief was specifically designed to treat a wide series of muscle soreness, aches and pains on almost all muscle groups of the body. The product was clinically proved to deliver a safe and effective pain relief. It is easily operational and portable enough to be easily carried around everywhere. The AccuRelief TENS device promises to work instantly and block the pain signal delivered from the brain to the muscles. Similar to the previous model, this one is also approved by the FDA for safe use as an over the counter alternative medical device. However, the AccuRelief TENS device, although wireless, it does require a remote fueled by batteries that have to be faced both in the same direction in order for the device to function.
This device features three different pre-programmed alternative therapies for a quick and safe pain relief as soon as possible. The intensity is fully adjustable at 20 different levels of stimulation. However, clients do not have alternative durations of the treatment other than pre-defined 30 minutes. However, the AccuRelief product does come with an automatic shut off command. Purchase the kit now on Amazon for $46.

Core Products – Hollywog WiTouch Wireless TENS unit

Drive Medical Painaway Wireless TENS Unit

Providing a similar fun and flirty design, the Hollywog wireless TENS unit strikes through a clean and playful design aiming to conquer as many youngsters as possible. Unlike similar TENS units, this one can totally be used not only to help you relief from the pain but also to increase the muscular system of your body and even strengthen the muscles. This particular Holloywog WiTouch TENS unit is described as one of the most powerful professional equipments on the market today, providing an increased intensity of the output up to 20% by comparison to other similar products. The remote is fully functional with standard AAA batteries but the main feature is that you can enjoy over 150 treatments of 30 minutes each before having to replace the batteries. The manufacturer claims the product is so comfortable and portable that you will easily forget you are wearing it in the first place. Use the incorporated TENS technology to specifically target and solve back pains as well as another wide variety of body areas. The product also comes equipped with replaceable gel pads for those who want to benefit from numerous back pain relief applications. Purchase the Hollywog WiTouch wireless TENS device for around $69 on Amazon.


TENS devices have become quite popular lately, especially due to their increased efficiency when treating back pains and other numerous body aches and sores. The main benefit of using these TENS units is that you can now benefit from a fully professional massaging and pulsation system in the comfort of your own home, without having to spend additional money on pricey chiropractor sessions. Moreover, more and more youngsters are using this sort of devices to improve their body’s appearance by losing weight and improving the body’s musculature.
No matter which TENS unit you chose from the aforementioned products, one thing is for sure– you will finally get rid of nasty back and neck pains without having to worry of looking ridiculous in front of others. Simply stick your device on your body using the special gel pads provided and set your workout routine intensity. The product is so lightweight that you will probably forget even wearing it in the first place. Use the Hollywog WiTouch wireless TENS device to remove pains, heal sores and muscle discomforts.