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 Electric pulse massagers are used both in hospitals and health spas to help patients of all ages recover from injuries and lower muscle pain. These devices stimulate the muscles through electrical pulses that help them contract and relax at a given time; this way, the body will send more oxygen and blood to the muscles to give them a more effective workout.

Ideal device for personal use

Electronic pulse massagers are ideal for people with tense or stiff muscles, because they can provide instant relief from pain. Moreover, you will also feel relaxed after each session because the pulses work like a physical massage. These devices can be used on your back, shoulders, neck and joints; so, whether you suffer from tense and stiff muscles or experience other types of muscular pain, electronic pulse massagers can reduce discomfort quickly, and at affordable costs. Due to the fact that electronic pulse massagers come with so many advantages, they are now available to the public as well. Most people prefer compact and portable units, as they are easier to carry and use. You can adjust the duration and strength of the stimulation, and try different settings until you find the one that gives the best results, but you should experience a tingling sensation when using the device, regardless of the settings you have chosen.

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Another advantage of electronic pulse massagers is that they can be used by almost anyone with short or long term muscle pain. However, even though using such a device doesn’t require the assistance of a health care professional and can be used on almost any area, if you have epilepsy, a heart disease, are prone to seizures or have an advanced pregnancy, it is recommended to consult with your doctor before using a pulse massager. There are many treatment techniques that can reduce and even eliminate muscle pain, and some people combine physical therapy with painkillers, but the benefits provided by electrotherapy alongside massage therapy have no side effects and are not addictive. However, you should consult your physician just to make sure you can safely enjoy the benefits of electrotherapy, because many devices use electric current and only your doctor can decide which treatment is best for you. Even though electronic pulse massagers and TENS units are different, some models can work in a similar way, and that is why you should check the features before purchasing them. Both devices use electrical signals, but TENS units block the transmission of pain to the nervous system, while electronic pulse massagers can function in both TENS and massage mode.

Adjustable settings and multiple power levels

Another reason why electronic pulse massagers are so popular is that they have a simple design which is easy to use and more effective. When you experience chronic pain, you want something that is able to relieve it as soon as possible, so easy to use controls and easy to see buttons are a major advantage of the device. All electronic pulse massagers come with different types of massage programs which can be selected and adjusted according to your needs. The programs include massage, kneading, shiatsu and scraping, and you get to adjust the frequency and intensity of each session from fast to slow or from strong to relaxing. You may, however, want to begin with the lowest setting to get used to the device and the way it works. You will also benefit from independent channel control for the left and the right side. Depending on the area you wish to treat, you can use one or both sides; using both is ideal for covering two areas of your body or two people at the same time. The LCD screen is also simple and shows all functions at a glance; the speed, remaining time, and the chosen program are all displayed on the screen.

Finding the right intensity level for your type of pain is also easy; all you have to do is rotate the thumbwheel and select the mild, medium or strong level, and it will show up on the screen. Once you have found the right intensity level, you will have to connect yourself to the device with the help of 2 electrode pads; they can be round, square, large or small, and need to be placed directly over the affected area. Some pads have a special gel placed on them to make them stick to your skin and stay there throughout the session. If you have simple pads, you will have to purchase and apply the gel yourself. New pads are required after several sessions, as the ones that have already been used multiple times will become non sticky or will be damaged by the electrical current. Make sure to always choose a muscle tissue instead of a bone one and firmly attach the pads on the required area before turning on the device to prevent discomfort. You will know that you are using the device properly as soon as you start to feel the effects of the pulses; then, you can slowly increase the intensity and try different settings until you find the right one, but you should stop if you feel uncomfortable or experience any unpleasant sensation.

Even though electronic pulse massagers bring many benefits to the user, they shouldn’t be used if you suffer from certain medical conditions, have an implanted medical device such as a Pacemaker, or if you have open wounds or lesions, as the pulses may worsen your condition. So, even if you are healthy, you should still read very carefully the manual that comes with the device and follow the instructions there. You can also search online for pain management videos where doctors explain the benefits of using an electronic pulse massager and show how it should be used. Look for downloadable videos so that you can watch them whenever you are unsure about how the device works. Also, check that the device you purchase is durable, certified and that it is FDA-approved for over the counter use.